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Who needs a celebrant?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

When I was training I remember thinking, “who is going to need me?” I cannot conduct a legal marriage, nor name a child who is not registered, so what exactly is my role? Simply this - more and more people are discovering that anything is possible when an independent celebrant conducts their ceremony, whether you are saying 'I do', 'welcome', or 'goodbye'.

Your Wedding, Your Way

People ask “will I be legally married if I have a celebrant?” Well, whilst the legal bit has to be done in a registry office, it takes around 10 minutes and you can rock up in jeans and haul two witnesses in from the street as two of my best friends did! Of course, anyone can build their wedding around the legal ceremony but a registrar will have a limited choice of what can be put in your ceremony.

Just sign on the line!

With an independent celebrant the sky is the limit. We create a unique ceremony every time, tailored for each and every special couple. You might ask “why is it so important to have a unique ceremony?” Nothing is right or wrong and a traditional ceremony may be all you need, however when you consider the time taken to choose that fabulous dress and amazing venue, then taking a little time to consider the impact a personal ceremony will have has got to be worth it.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Style

A celebrant can officiate anywhere. From a beautiful barn, to a forest glade, or at a more traditional country house setting, and because there are no restrictions a celebrant is ideal for multi-cultural and inter-faith weddings where you can pick and choose the traditions and symbols that are right for you. LGBTQ? Fabulous!

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Not only Weddings...

On a gentler note, unless you have a religious funeral, a celebrant is essential. For me, this is a very important part of my work. Having had counselling training, I help and guide bereaved families through this hardest of times, and help them to find the words to tell their loved one's story. It is nothing short of an honour.

On the other hand, what about new arrivals? A new life, an adopted child, or a family blending together – all huge life changes and cause for celebration. There is no legal ceremony for some of

these amazing family changes and how better to mark them than a something unique? I had the pleasure of writing and officiating at the naming ceremony of my best friends' two children. A day full of joy (and cake)!

Who needs a celebrant? Everyone!

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