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What would I want?

Before launching Signature Ceremonies, I started thinking, “What would I want from a celebrant?” And the question has come back to me because I am currently planning my own vow renewal ceremony with Mr Cartmill this coming autumn. Naturally I am using a professional celebrant who I know will make it a special and joyful event.

Me and Mr C back in the day #daytoremember #ourweddingourway


Which brings me to the first important thing I need from a celebrant: Professionalism. Sure, I could write the script myself and get one of our friends to officiate but I feel that the sense of occasion would be lost. So where to look? The Celebrant Directory is a good place to start, but I want to be sure about the standard I'm getting. So I decided to look to some of my peers at my old training organisation, the Institute of Professional Celebrants. The clue is in the name “professional”, and besides, there are a couple of celebrants there whose style I know and admire and who I know can deliver.

Support and Care

Secondly, I'm looking for support, care and a sense of humour. When I suggested vow renewal to Mr C, (a sensitive soul) true to form, he blubbed! I took that as a yes, but there is considerable danger of him sniffling on the day! I want someone who will reassure us and make us laugh if things get too emotional.

Flexibility and Expertise

Thirdly, flexibility and knowledge. Someone who can say 'yes'. Mr C and I come from two different cultural backgrounds and there is much to be considered in the crafting of our ceremony. Our celebrant needs to bring fresh ideas that will combine with our own thoughts to create our perfect day.

And Finally...

We need each other, our special space, and our friends and family because that is what this ceremony is all about. We've come a long way together and despite some incredible odds, we remain each other's anchors. That's got to be worth celebrating!

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