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Wedding Trends 2019

There are so many articles on the subject of wedding trends, my head is spinning after trawling through them all, but it pays me to keep abreast of new ideas because I am continually looking for new suggestions to craft my ceremonies around.

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Location, location

For 2019, we are looking at quirky locations: the two main trends coming through are boho themed outdoor spaces, and industrial spaces with rustic furnishings and accessories, both of which are ideal situations for a unique ceremony that is entirely original.

All about the puddings

With my background in country house event management and restaurant ownership, I am always interested in the food! My favourite two things at the moment are cocktail hors d'ouevres and playful dessert stations featuring local ingredients and produce. Get a load of these! Lush!

Wedding dessert table #lush

The Dresses

Traditional wedding dresses are featuring lots of lace this year, but again it all depends on your own style. With a Signature Ceremony, there are no limits - your day is all about you and that includes what you want to wear.

A day to Remember

But the main wish coming through this year is for experiental weddings. Many of us have been watching “Don't tell the Bride” on Channel 4 and while some of the results have been less than successful, some of the experiences planned by the grooms have been amazing. I loved the one in the hangar with all the American cars made to look like a drive in movie. I find that it is always good to have input from both halves of my wedding couples, it's fantastic what they come up with together.

Vineyard weddings

Your day should be an experience you will never forget. My new branch for 2019 is launching into vineyard weddings. Here in Kent, we are very lucky to have many successful vineyards, producing some amazing wine. From larger operations that run special events to tiny boutique vineyards, I love them all as wedding locations, and we can build in some really special touches as part of your wedding ceremony. From wine blending to specially picked toasting wines, it's always a joyful day!


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