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Wedding Celebrants - Why Would You?

A couple of times lately I have been asked, “what is the point of a wedding celebrant?”, because to be legally married in the UK, you must sign a marriage license in front of an authorised person, a Registrar or a Priest for example. However you don't legally have to have your Wedding Ceremony performed by them – exchange of rings and vows are purely ceremonial and not a legal requirement.

A traditional church wedding may well be exactly what's required but services led by a Registrar are often less personal and are restricted by content. You may not even meet the person marrying before the service, it's usually pretty quick and will need to slot into a set time.

Location, location, location

If you've always dreamed of exchanging your vows on a dramatic clifftop, a magical forest, or a beautiful garden, the good news is that you can! And as a professional celebrant here in Kent, I get to work in some stunning settings.

Celebrants offer you the chance to have your ceremony your way, and that includes performing your wedding in licensed or unlicensed venues. As the legal part is carried out separately, you can choose where you'd like to take your nuptials – no restrictions!

Tell Your Story....

Every couple's journey of love is unique and no two relationships are the same, and your wedding is a celebration of your journey thus far, as well as the beginning of your onward life together. Memories are what you are making with your partner and a wedding celebrant has the scope to make your dream a reality.

In my role as your Celebrant, our journey together begins by exploring your requirements, and getting to know you as a couple. After all, your ceremony is far more than just a date and a booking. Personal and tailored to you, it will be beautifully constructed, as traditional or non-traditional as you wish – a ceremony that reflects your personality and tells everyone what you're all about.

Be it a passion for rock climbing, your family or projects that you build it's about what makes you tick as a couple, celebrating what brought you together and what keeps you together.

Planning a Unique Ceremony

With a celebrant-led wedding you have the chance to think about what you really want to promise each other for the rest of your married life. Your celebrant may ask you to complete a questionnaire, (I know I do) which gives you the opportunity to consider exactly how you would like your wedding day to be. It's lovely to take the time to fill it in together – it's great fun to recall wonderful memories and discuss what you really mean to each other.

When you meet your celebrant, discuss your ideas and together you can craft a ceremony that is truly special. We are there to advise, guide and inspire you. Weddings are now all about personal choice – gone are the days of one vow fits all. The possibilities are endless – taking ideas from different cultures and traditions, or honouring your own adventures together with humour and storytelling. Me? I love a bit of celtic handfasting.

I also find that many couples like to include their kids (and pets!) Whatever a wedding ceremony means to you, your Celebrant is there to help make it happen - no problem!

So to answer the question I have been asked: Celebrant led Wedding? Why wouldn't you!


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