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The Legal Stuff!

All about Location.

Spring is here and I've been visiting lots of lovely Kent wedding venues, enjoying the delights that their Spring Fairs have to offer. There are Prosecco and gin walls (my favourite), skilled photographers, celebrants like me, cake makers, you name it.

Yes please!

And of course there are the venues themselves; I am a lover of the outdoors and there are so many beautiful locations here in kent where anyone can have a unique wedding tailored entirely to their dreams.

This got me thinking about the legal stuff surrounding marriage and weddings because each location is different.

What's the Difference?

To begin with, let me explain that there is a difference between and Marriage and a Wedding. A marriage in England and Wales is an agreement available to both opposite-sex and same-sex couples and is legally recognised in the forms of both civil and religious marriage. It is carried out by either a minister of religion or an authorised registrar. Marriages are witnessed and registered, the ceremonies usually being fairly traditional, with little room for individual style.

A Wedding is also a celebration of a union but the ceremony is not legally binding. So where does a Kent celebrant like me fit in?

Firstly, there are certain locations where you can't have a legal marriage; outdoors for one, which is why all weddings that take place in woodland, on the beach or in a beautiful garden for example need to carried out by a professional celebrant who will create an amazing and bespoke ceremony together with you. That's not to say we can just rock up and have our wonderful day! We are legally obliged to obtain permission from whoever owns the land to carry out the ceremony.

Your Day, Your Way

Oh look, another gin bar!

Many indoor venues are licensed to use an authorised registrar to carry out a legal marriage ceremony, but not all, so when you're immersed in the exciting days of planning your venue, it is important to check this out. If you don't fancy a traditional ceremony, or if you'd like to be traditional with special touches of your own, you can choose not to use the registrar and book an Independent Celebrant.

Where do I come in?

So what does an Independent Celebrant do? That’s a really good question! A Family and Wedding Celebrant is someone who is trained in providing you with a custom made ceremony for a whole range of occasions, such as a Wedding, Vow Renewal, Baby Naming/Adoption

or other special milestones, all carried out to reflect your own style and ideas. Choosing a Wedding Celebrant gives you the freedom to be creative and include additional rituals and customs. Popular customs are the Unity Candle Ceremony, Hand Fasting, Ring Warming and Sand Ceremony, but new ceremonies can be created using your own ideas, customs, traditions, and heritage.

But don't forget, if you want it to be legal, book yourselves in to your local registry office, grab two witnesses, nip in and sign on the dotted line! #customceremony #signatureceremonieskent #nickicartmillcelebrant #specialday #uniqueceremony #needacelebrant

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